Monday, April 02, 2007

Some people worship cows

Here's one of the funniest happenings of my career, back when I was called "Miss Dodd." I put it on my Facebook when it happened, but I thought it was worth re-posting here.

While memorizing Philippians 2 with my 6 year olds, one of them violently stabbed her hand into the air, crying out "E.. e....e.. ex-cuse, Missddodd. Missdodd. Missdodd"

"Yes, Twila*" I answer.

"J..Jesus died on the cross, n..not at McDonald's," she matter-of-factly stutters.

"Well..hmm...that's true, Twila*." I quickly resume hiding Philippians 2 in their hearts to keep myself from laughing out loud and making her cry.

Later on the playground I call her to me and ask what she meant by that. I'm thinking that maybe her parents have been teaching her some good theology about suffering and how the Christian life is not just "cokes and jokes." Her answer: "Misssdodd. Some people worship cows."Ohhh.

*To protect the privacy of the student and her parents, I've changed her name to Twila.


allie said...

Of course she would think cows get killed at McDonald's--that's where we eat them after all. It all makes sense to me--some worship cows, we worship Christ...she was just clarifying it for the class, since they might think all deities are killed at McDonald's. What a smart girl! :)

Ben said...

of all the names... you pick Twila