Saturday, August 11, 2007

back again

SCHOOL STARTS MONDAY! (My previous absence is due to infrequent internet access and no children in my life.)

Since I'm teaching the children of a few of you, my blog readers, what do you think about my blogging with them as my subject? I could give them psuedonyms?


Anonymous said...

This mom thinks that is an excellent idea! Love ya Jennifer

Slava Bogu said...

Blogging and pictures are okay with our family, but I prefer pseudonyms as you've probably gathered from my blog.

I am excited about having you in our kids lives! :-)

EmmyJMommy said...

Awesome, do we get to know which pseudonym goes with which child...or will we have to guess?! ;-) Hope your first day was wonderful!!!

Slava Bogu said...

Hey, the kids really enjoyed school today! I hope you did as well. The oldest came home with a huge smile and said his teacher is "verrrryyyy funny!" The two in your class enjoyed finding the duckies, and recess, and HIS story...J really loved that part. :-)

Anonymous said...

okay so where is the blogging at ? Come on Tara don't keep us in suspense !

Love ya