Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It's our anniversary.

Exactly one week after Ben and I started dating, we had our first pre-marital counseling session with Greg Graham. As part of our homework assignment for that week we had to list reasons we wanted to marry each other. After two years my list stands unamended.* I'm so thankful to be Ben's
1. He loves Jesus and helps me to do so more.
2. He's a good leader -- it's easy to follow and submit to him.
3. We're pretty like-minded and have similar interests.
4. He does the truth and doesn't just talk about it.
5. He'd disciplined in many areas.
6. He's passionate and compassionate.
7. He's wise.
8. He likes children.
9. He loves the church.
10. His personality is well-balanced: serious and fun.
11. He's a good communicator and teacher.
12. I really enjoy his company, especially listening to him.
13. He's mature and responsible -- a man of conviction and commitment.
14. He understands what's really important and seeks to live for that end.
15. He's a life-learner, always learning and growing.

*Except that I could add more to the list.

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