Thursday, January 22, 2009

Brazilian Béchamel Pizza

Mmmm.... my mouth is watering.
A Facebook friend's status said something like "Toni is making homemade pizza tonight," and I immediately thought about the best pizza I've ever had in my life (from "The Best Italian Cafe and Pizzeria" in Gatlinburg, TN).
Check this out:
Brazilian Béchamel.................. 16" Med $19.95
18" Lg $22.95
A rich white sauce with green pepper, onion, celery & seasonings on a thin crust; complimented by several different flavors.... Chicken, Red Pepper, Spinach, Pineapple, Mild Banana Peppers & topped lightly with Feta cheese, finished with Pesto. You'll never know till you try it!
The Robinsons have got to go to Gatlinburg next winter -- besides, I want to teach Ben to ski.


Joanna J. said...

My hubby is from the Gatlinburg area, and we usually get up there once or twice per year. I've never heard of that restaurant, so we'll have to try it this summer when we visit! Thanks!

Jenna said...

that sounds ridiculously delicious. even for breakfast. right. now.

but, alas. i'm very far from tennessee.

btw, so fun to see that both of you have a blog!

i'm thinking about changing up my blogroll with categories of "friends" and "people who would be my friends if we ever met" or something like that. some day...

but, for now, i must get the toddler away from the register cover before she shoves the cordless phone too far into the duct work....