Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The Chains of the Constitution

I'm currently on another (probably short-lived) kick of political contemplation and quandary. A couple of times a day I click on Drudge and other news sources, and after closing up the laptop I experience about an hour of mental sighs and complaints and worries.

I desperately want to be educated, stay informed, and maybe DO SOMETHING (like join a Tea party?), all-the-while maintaining a balanced perspective of the temporal/eternal, and NOT sinning by complaining, worrying, or disrespecting those whom the Lord has ordained to be my leaders. If anyone out there has any pointers, please help me out!

Ben has mentioned that the next time he's desperate, we might try to call up Nancy & Rick Pearcey for some insight. I spent a little time in a car with Nancy a few years ago and I'm pretty certain they're the kind of folks who would take the time to help us out.

In related news, I did just read a short & simple article comparing the way nations transition from having too little government (anarchy) to too much government (tyranny) to the swing of a pendulum. It says:

What the Founders set out to do was find a place between the two ends where there is just enough government control to protect the people’s rights, but not too much control as to oppress the people. A government in this position, the Founders believed, was so perfectly balanced between the two ends that the people would consent to it.

That is what they did when they wrote the Constitution. They found a place that would stop the swing of the pendulum where there was just enough government to protect the peoples’ rights, but not enough to oppress the people.

Jefferson said that in order to prevent a ruler from seizing too much power, we must “bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution.” The Constitution chained the government down to that balanced place between anarchy and tyranny.

Today we have a pendulum that is back in motion because we have neglected the Constitution. What the Founders wrote in that sacred document was the solution to almost every problem that we face in this nation today, because government not following the Constitution in the first place causes most problems that we have.

We must recapture that pendulum and rewrap the chains of the Constitution around it to ensure that we do not fall like every other great nation in the history of the world has, all due to the people falling victim to the frailty of their rulers.



Vicki said...

I agree with you and I know I have a hard time showing proper respect. But then again, I have a hard time sitting on the sidelines and watching some of the stuff that's going on.

I may be somewhat of a nihilst but I don't think it's going to get better before Jesus returns. People aren't taught to respect the Constitution anymore. Now, I think people get a kick out of seeing how far they can go to rationalize their behaviors within the bounds of a Constituition they believe to be pliable and moldable.

We're watching the beginnings of the end of the "sacredness" of our document because we're coming dangerously closer and closer to a one-world government where there isn't room for the freedoms given in that document.

Marana tha!

Jenna said...

okay. have you even intended to say one thing, but get so tickled by something someone else's comment? yeah. that just happened. vicki, what a great sentence! "i may be somewhat of a nihilist but i don't think it's going to get better before jesus returns." awesome.

tara! way to go to get informed! i'm sure it's depressing, but it's good to really understand ALL the ways our current (and former, actually) administration is a disappointment, not just always focusing on the bio-ethical issues.

i'd like to be better informed, but i just settle for having informed friends.