Thursday, June 04, 2009

Answering A Fool

"Answer a fool as his folly deserves, That he not be wise in his own eyes." Proverbs 26:5

Even though Ann Coulter is pretty crazy, I like reading her because she sometimes obeys this verse really well.

Especially here.

I wouldn't kill an abortionist myself, but I wouldn't want to impose my moral values on others. No one is for shooting abortionists. But how will criminalizing men making difficult, often tragic, decisions be an effective means of achieving the goal of reducing the shootings of abortionists?

Following the moral precepts of liberals, I believe the correct position is: If you don't believe in shooting abortionists, then don't shoot one.


Vicki said...

It sickens me that a supposedly Christian church could be so flippant in their views on life. It would be 100% eye opening to see how much money Tiller donated to that church. Blood money turning a church against the will of God. Shame on them and may they cease to exist now that their cash cow (my supposition) is no longer there to support them. No, I take that back. May they see the error of their beliefs and horrifying statement and repent. They call themselves evangelical Lutherans. Evangelical in no way means liberal in beliefs or actions. That really upset me, I'm sure you can tell, that a church would formulate it's policy around one of only three men in America willing to perform such heinous acts of murder. You know, It really reminds me of the scribes and Pharisees who would practice religion superficially but were really concerned with money and power. Ugh, this ticks me off. But you're right, Ann Coulter answers fools for what they're worth.

Vicki said...

Alright, I just looked up the church's website, and the church (not just Tiller's but the whole ELCA) seemed to adopt that statement in 1991. I have no idea when Tiller started attending his church and possibly donating huge amounts of money. If you read their statement it's clear that they intend to upset no one. I'm sorry, but there's hardly a grey area here. To me it's a bunch of mamby pamby, let's all try to get along and pretend we're all happy and pretend there's actually a way to respect the other side's position. I just don't see this issue that way. I didn't look at any of their other statements on social issues. Probably should have, but I'm still disgusted. Where is the no holds barred love and zealousness for Jesus that would make it easier to say something is wrong? It can still be said in love without having to sound like it's acquiescing to mediocrity and meaninglessness.

Jenna said...

great quote!!! logical & poignant.