Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Diaper Deals

I'm really excited about purchasing diapers this month! Why? Because I'm getting them for CHEAP!

I like to put Pampers on Mary Ellen at night; I've found that they absorb better than any others. During the day we use Huggies or any other store brand (whatever is on sale + I have a coupon for).

I'm doing my diaper shopping at Rite Aid this month, since they are having multiple super diaper deals.

This morning I purchased:
* 1 jumbo pack (40 count) of Pampers, on sale for $8.99. I used a $2 coupon, so I paid $6.99. I've never tried their rebate system, but I should be able to get a $2 rebate for this too, so my final price should be $4.99 for 40 Pampers. (~12.5 cents per diaper = GREAT DEAL!)
* 1 mega pack (52 count) of Huggies, on sale for $17.99. I used a $1.50 coupon, so I paid $16.49. I should get a $2 rebate for this one, too, so that'll be $14.49 for 52 Huggies. (~28 cents per diaper = too much money)
* But I did use a $5 off $25 coupon, so my total was $21.18 for 92 diapers. (23 cents per diaper = okay deal)

There's a promotion where you can spend $50 of Kimberly-Clark products (maker of Huggies) and get a $25 Rite Aid gift card. And another one where you get a free jumbo pack of Huggies when you buy 5 packs (various sizes).
So next week I plan to purchase 4 packs of jumbos (usually $11.49, but there's a rumor they'll be on sale next week), use 4 $1.50 off coupons and another $5 off $25 Rite Aid coupon, and spend a maximum (if they are not on sale as rumored) of $34.96

So all in all, my out of pocket spending on diapers will be about $56.14, but hopefully less.
But then, I should get a $25 gift card to Rite Aid (to buy diapers next month!), a free jumbo pack of diapers, and a $4 rebate check. So it's like I'm getting 247 diapers for $27.14. (Or about 11 cents per diaper = REALLY GOOD DEAL!)

And I've also heard you can submit your receipts to Caregivers Marketplace and get a rebate for 75 cents per pack of Huggies, so that make an even better deal!

Money Saving Mom (explaining the deal better than I did)
Rite Aid rebates list
Rite Aid $5 off $25 printable coupon


The Cobbs said...

VERY impressive! I need to go shopping with you. Pampers are my favorite too!

B-Rob said...

bless you, wifey.

Emily Dudley said...

Did you see where Toys-R-Us is having a big diaper sale, too? I got a coupon in the mail, but I think anyone can benefit. I'm debating as to whether or not I'm going to take advantage this early in the game.