Tuesday, September 29, 2009

CVS Success, 9/27/09

I'm not going to back-blog about my previous weeks' successes at CVS, but I'll summarize by saying that through a couple of weeks of shopping I grew my ECBs to $13.98.

This week was my first time to try two transactions. I actually ended up doing four because I kept forgetting things, but for time's sake I'll combine them on here & show you what I should've done.

Transaciton #1:

(2) Tides (50 oz) for $6 each = $12
(2) Bounce Bars for $4 each = $8
Tide Stain Release (20 oz) for $4
(2) Dawn dish soaps for $1 each = $2
Total before tax = $26
I used:
$5 off $25 CVS coupon (MoneySavingMom has links to those)
(2) $1 off Tide coupons
(2) $1 off Bounce coupons
$1.50 off Tide Stain Release coupon
$9.98 ECBs (collected from previous weeks)

With tax I paid $5.62 out of pocket & got back $10 in ECBs. (Looking back I see some things I should have done differently to save more money ... like handing the cashier the (2) $1 off Dawn coupons I was holding in my hand. But, you live & learn, right?)

Transaction #2:

Gillette Fushion Razor for $9.99
Vasoline Sheer Infusions lotion $7.99
(2) Chex Mix (8.75 oz) bags BOGO @ $2.99
Frutopia shampoo for $1.99
Viologie Shampoo for $1.99
Total before tax: $24.95
And I used:
$3 off $15 CVS coupon
(2) 50 cents off Chex mix coupons
$1.50 off Sheer Infusions coupon
$2 off Gillette Fusion coupon
$1 off Viologie coupon
$1 off Frutopia coupon
$14.00 in ECBs ($10 from the first transaction, & $4 that I had from previous weeks)

And with tax I paid 27 cents out of pocket!

So all together, my total OOP at CVS was $5.89 (would've been a dollar less if I'd given the Dawn coupons) and I have $12 in ECBs to spend next week! Not too bad considering all that I got!!

I still have NO idea how they calculate tax or why sometimes I'm not allowed to use ECBs to pay for tax (as in the first transaction) & other times they'll let me (like the second one). Same lady, same night. I think I'll stop trying to compute the tax and just be thankful for the great deals.


Vicki said...

Amazing!! I was going to do the $10 ECB deal, but ended up finding other deals at other stores I wanted to try.

How did you feel doing more than one transaction? I still don't feel totally comfortable. Once I did four transactions in WalGreens and it was so stressful!

Tara said...

Vicki: If I really just had two transactions as planned I think it would've been wonderful. The cashier was one who's been friendly to me since I was very pregnant with MER, and definitely recognizes my face. I told her a the beginning that I was going to do two transactions & asked her if it was okay (just to be nice - i knew it was). I mentioned that if anyone else came behind me, I'd let them go first before I did my second.
She was actually REALLY helpful & fixed my ECBs when I forgot to give her all the right P&G products in the same transaction.
I was pretty confident going in but apparently more disorganized than I thought.

B-Rob said...

i'm so proud of you, pookon.

Emily Dudley said...

Tara, you go girl! This is something I would like to get good at, too.

Jennifer Martin said...

I totally need to get better at this! I was excited because i saved 26.00 at Publix...but i still spent 88 dollars!!!