Wednesday, October 07, 2009


The past couple of weeks have been the best for me at Publix. I think I'm slowly learning the ropes.

Last week (9/28) I spent $31.83 (with tax) and, according to the receipt, saved $75.04 (using about $33 worth of coupons & saving the rest with their sales).
Some of my best deals were:
*4 Dole fruit cups (6-pack) for 25 cents each
yogurts (4-pack) for 25 cents each
*2 jars of pickles for 9 cents each (even though we don't really snack on pickles, I couldn't pass it up)
*a large bottle of olive oil for $4

All of these items were BOGO, & I had manufacturer coupons for them as well.

This week (10/5) I made out even better! I spent (with tax) $34.74 and saved $97.49 (using $48 worth of coupons & the rest sales)!

My best deals included:
*6 free boxes of General Mills cereal
*a free Publix reusable bag
*4 free cans of Pillsbury cinnamon rolls
*2 free cans of Pillsbury crescent rolls & 2 for .50 each
*2 cans of Pillsbury biscuits for .50 each
*4 bags of Chex mix (9 oz) for .17 each
*2 boxes of Cascadian Farms cereal for .99 each
*3 packages of Toll House cookie dough for .59 each
*10 Green Giant frozen veggies (10 oz packs) for .50 each
*a loaf of bread for a penny (the penny item!)

I bought mainly from the BOGO items; used manufacturers & Target coupons; and used a $5 off $25 Rite Aid coupon.

Our Publix sale runs from Wednesday to Tuesday, so maybe this week I'll plan my trip early & go ahead and post it. But I like waiting till Sunday or Monday to shop so I get the penny item!


Emily Dudley said...

Okay, I spent over an hour on last night. It's addicting! I can't wait to go to Publix this week for our weekly groceries...Kinda weird, huh?

Dana said...

From past experience, I think the Publix bread is pretty crummy (or crumby!). It's okay using it for bread crumbs or croutons, but for sandwiches - bleh! We actually returned a loaf for their quality guarantee a while back since it was so bad. Other than that, penny items rock!

I look forward to seeing what you pull together next week!

Tara said...

Emily: I can't wait either! And yes, it's weird!

Dana: our loaf isn't so bad. It was their white bread, which I'm not accustomed to, but Ben was SO excited when he noticed. He's apparently missed it and never told me. And where's your blog of all your deals?

The Weston Family said...

teach me!! haha!!