Monday, January 26, 2009

A big day for Mary Ellen!

1. She rolled over! (I think it's kind of late to be reaching this milestone at 4.5 months, but she only tolerates playing on her stomach for about five minutes at a time so it's taking her longer.) This morning as I lay her on her play mat, I rolled her from her back to her stomach and she immediately pushed herself back on her back. I screamed to Ben, who happened to be home sick today, and he came running in just in time to see her do it again. I was only able to get her to do it once more -- for a total of three times, although I'm pretty sure they were all accidental.

2. She downed about 4 teaspoons of rice cereal (via spoon). We've only tried cereal once before, and that time I mixed up way too much and most of it went everywhere but her mouth. Tonight, even though I pretty much had to force her mouth open, she actually swallowed all that I could get into her mouth. Just a little was left on her face and bib.

3. I feel like I should at least count to three, so I'll use this number to say that she is definitely on the upswing from her RSV. I used the aspirator about five times rather than fifty, and her coughs are much less frequent. So thanks for your prayers for her!

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