Sunday, March 01, 2009

Personality Test

Well, looks like the only difference between Ben and me is that he's more extroverted -- which is spelled with an a on this website.

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Jenna said...

wow! total opposites. what is it like to be you??? i'm an introvert wannabe, but it's just so hard to be quiet.

funny. i wouldn't know about you and ben, unless he was JUST extroverted enough to comment on my blog that first time.

Jill Robinson said...

I am an "ISTJ" too! But JP is an "ENFP". We are total opposites. But it still works!

Tara said...

The funny thing about this is that I wouldn't think of myself as an introvert. I'm social, but I guess crowds do wear me out.
And, I am not usually punctual. I do live my life by the clock, but I arrive just in the nick of time for everything! NEVER early.