Friday, February 20, 2009

My Valentine

Sunday, February 7th:
I come home from evening church. Ben and I are in separate vehicles, since I went early. When I open the door it smells like Ben has made muffins (Martha White Wildberry = one of his favorite treats). In the kitchen I see a can of icing on the counter and heart shaped pans (which I don't own) in the drain board. I look on top of my cabinets where I store my cake plate and I see that something's in it. Hmmm.... something fishy is going on here.

It was a double layer strawberry cake with vanilla icing. He said he wanted to surprise me with something corny, but I think HE's pretty sweet.


Anonymous said...

i need everyone to know that i did not read the instructions before i tried to make the red icing letters, so please don't judge. but they are funny to look at. and no, you can't put it on because it is not professionally made. and yes, i only decided to say "u" rather than "you" because my hands were tired from squeezing the icing.

Jerm said...

Your "u" is also backwards. Just FYI.

I love ya'll.



Anonymous said...

the 'u' just pooted, that's all