Wednesday, July 22, 2009

CVS Success!

This week CVS has some school supplies for FREE after ECBs, so I thought I'd pick up a binder & some pens for Ben. I also desperately needed some type of thermal protection spray for my hair, so I was prepared to pay more out-of-pocket than I did last week.

Have I told you that my hair is breaking? I'm sure you've noticed if you know me in real life. I'm hoping this is just a hormonal post-pregnancy issue and will get back to normal in a few months, like my doc says. I've limited heat use -- dryer & hot iron -- to once a week for the last two months, to no avail. Maybe it has something to do with my ponytails the other 6 days of the week. Or my 10-month-old who sometimes likes to pull. I know this probably deserves it's own post with pictures of my ever-increasing fly-aways, but I'll spare my own embarrassment and get back to CVS.

Okay, I bought:
Papermate 1.2 10-ct Pens - $0.99 (free after ECBs)
1" Vinal 3-Ring Binder - $3 (free after ECBs)
CVS Panty Liners 22 ct - $0.89 (free after ECBs)
4-pack Duracell AA batteries -$2. 99 ($0.99 after coupon & ECBs)
Cascade Liquid Gel 45 oz - $2.99 ($1.99 after coupon)
Tresseme Tamer Spray - $3.99

I used:
$1/1 Cascade coupon
$1/1 Duracell coupon
$4 in ECBs

I paid $9.93 out-of-pocket and got back $5.88 ECBs to use next week in my CVS adventures! With sales & coupons it says I saved $12.59. I know I didn't do extremely well with my out-of-pocket spending (compared to last week for sure), but I need all of the items I purchased, and I would've spent at least twice that elsewhere. But I did grow my ECBs a little bit! We'll see what happens next week.

By the way, if any of you EVER have coupons that you don't use, ESPECIALLY diapers or baby food, feel free to pass them on to me. I would really appreciate it!


Dana said...

Yay for CVS adventures! I did this for a while, but now we have about a 2 year supply of toothpaste, shampoo, deoderant, etc., so I've cut back.

I always have extra diaper/baby coupons that I send off to military bases, but I could send them to you instead. What exactly do you need? I know I never use any of the baby items, most hair items (besides shampoo) and most lotion type things. Also other foods/products we don't like. Give me a general idea what you need, and I'll mail it along!

Vicki said...

I went to two different CVS stores yesterday and they were out of the sale stuff. AND their sale ad looked different than what I was reading was on sale on coupon/frugal websites. I was frustrated, especially when Ashlyn starts misbehaving. Anyway, it was a bust for me but I'm glad you were able to rack up!