Tuesday, August 04, 2009

CVS Success! (August 3rd)

I like blogging about my CVS savings because:
1. it doesn't require a lot of creativity or wit
2. I regularly (weekly or biweekly) have new content to post
3. maybe it'll help someone learn of a deal he or she wants to hit up
4. it's good accountability to keep my ECBs rollin'
But maybe I'll write about other things sometimes -- probably just as often as I did before my CVS adventures began: almost never.

After briefly scanning the CVS weekly circular I wasn't planning to go this week, but I noticed that my ECBs expire next week (while we're at the beach) so I knew I needed to use them. It ended up being a wonderfully successful week at CVS.

I purchased:
2 jumbo packs of Pampers, on sale 2 for $20 (not the best price, but $5 ECBs when you buy two)

I used:
$3 off when you spend $15 CVS coupon (it printed out with my ECBs last week)
$2 Pampers coupon
$1 Pampers coupon
$5.88 in ECBs from my last shopping experience

I paid OOP (out-of-pocket):
$8.12 + our 10% sales tax somehow making $1.70 = $9.82

Not bad at all for 72 diapers of any brand, much less Pampers. Including the weird tax, that's about 14 cents per diaper (and the price to beat for Pampers is 23 cents per diaper before tax).

Oh, and I have $5 ECBs to spend on our next adventure of CVS Success!

(I just realized how they got that $1.70 tax: CVS apparently charges tax on your subtotal before all their coupons. Kinda cheap of them. And I would complain about it except that I'm getting great deals. I'll have to look at that tax discrepancy from 2 weeks ago and see if I can get it to add up.)


Jenna said...

hey tara,

i'm just starting to go into the underworld of couponing. are you completely immersed? or are you just a cvs couponer?

i have like five tabs of www.afullcup.com up right now and i was thinking of you.

couponing is confusing AND inspiring at the same time!

Jennifer Martin said...

Tara i dont know if you know but i went to Walgreens the other night to pick up a prescription and recevied "bonus bucks" from them. It was like a free 10 dollars and then the other day i got two dollars just for buying baby gas drops and a lunchable!