Thursday, August 06, 2009

Big Girl

Mary Ellen grew up today. Let me tell you how:

1. When her third cousin Brady was with us today, she said "a baby" when she first saw him. (Isn't it funny when one baby calls another baby "a baby"?)
2. She held onto the coffee table and stomped in place to a beat.
3. She was alert and responsive whenever she was spoken to; she responded to her name and obeyed most of the times she was instructed.
4. She wasn't jealous while I took care of Brady. She smiled and laughed at him.
5. She patted my knee to the same beat that I was burping him.
6. I told her to give me a hug and a kiss good night, and she did, and while her arms were around my neck, she patted me on the back.

I think having a younger baby around made her seem like such a big girl.


The Cobbs said...

I LOVE #6...precious! Sweet MER!

Jennifer Martin said...

this is so sweet! Number 6 made me tear up a lil bit silly i know but isnt it crazy how over night they grow up so much?!?!?