Monday, October 12, 2009

Publix, take two

I printed out more coupons and made another Publix trip yesterday.

I purchased:

Mary Ellen was jealous that I was taking more pictures of my groceries!

(8) Yoplait Fiber One yogurts (4 pk) for 1.25 ea
(4) 1.25/1 Qs = free
(4) 1.001 Qs = .25 ea

(4) Hunts tomatoes for .69 ea
(2) .50/1 Qs (doubled) = .19 ea

(4) Knorr sides (pasta & rice) for .79 ea
(4) .45/1 Qs (doubled) = free + overage

(4) Betty Crocker potatoes for .84 ea
(4) .40/1 Qs = .08 ea

Lipton tea (family bags 24 ct) for 2.00

Publix coffee for .01
(the penny item!)

Grand total: $1.95

I did use a $3/$15 CVS coupon. Receipt says I saved $45.35! Definitely my best Publix trip.

I know 8 packs of yogurt seems like a lot, but MER & I each eat a cup every day, so it's only 16 days worth. If we don't like the instant potatoes or the Knorr sides, we can always give the unopened ones to charity. I bet we'll like them, though.

This trip was definitely worth it for the yogurt alone. Or the tea alone. Or the tomatoes alone (Ben loves my taco soup in the winter!).

I think I need a bigger pantry!!

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