Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Rite Aid Diaper Deal for Beginners

A friend asked me to help her understand the Rite Aid Rebates program. But she has a baby, so I'm assuming she really just wants some diaper deals! I think the best way to explain it is to give an example of a deal (for this week).

I look at BabyCheapskate to find out about the deals each week. Right now there's one for Huggies & one for Pampers, but the Pampers is actually the better deal.

If you buy $30 worth of P&G products (including Pampers) before 10/24, you get a $10 Rite Aid gift card. There's also something called the Rite Aid "Fall Gift of Savings" going on right now where you get another $10 for spending over $50 (or $5 for spending over $25, or $20 for spending over $100 - and it's all before coupons!), but it must be done before 10/17.

You can purchase two big packs of Pampers diapers in separate transactions, using two $5 off $25 Rite Aid coupons & any Pampers coupons you have, and pick up $5.01 worth of other stuff as filler items (the diapers are $19.99).

Here's step by step what I'd do. (I probably will do it later this week, before 10/17):

1. Print off two $5 off $25 Rite Aid coupons.

2. Print off four $2 off Huggies diaper product coupons (You can only print two per computer, but hopefully you have access to multiple computers or friends who'll do it for you. Once it prints the first time, hit the "back" button on your browser & it should automatically print off another coupon.)

3. Find the two highest value Pampers coupons you have. I have a $2 off and a $1.50 off.

4. Gather up these coupons (I put mine in an envelope or use a paper clip), and head to the store.

5. Pick up 2 value boxes of Pampers. Pick up 4 boxes of Huggies wipes (if you only printed out 2 Huggies coupons you'll have to pick up enough items (that you need) so that the total after tax will be over $25 for the two transactions. Maybe some gum or something.)

6. At the register, do the following:

Transaction #1:
1 box of Pampers
2 boxes of Huggies wipes

Give the cashier the $5/25 Rite Aid coupon first, then Pampers & (2) Huggies coupons.

Transaction #2:
Do the same thing again with the rest of your items, giving $5/25 coupon before the other coupons.

You will be paying about $30 out of pocket for all of these items (not a bad deal by itself), but then you can get the $10 gift card and the other $10 gift certificate by doing the following:

7. Go to this site & become a member of the Rebates system:

8. Then enter your receipts (you should see a link that says "Enter Your Receipts").

In a few days you'll get an email (check your junk mail) saying that you've qualified for a $10 Gift Card (for your P&G purchases) and also a $10 Gift Certificate (for the Fall Gift of Savings program). It'll also tell you that you have to "Request your Gift Card" by a certain day - probably in November. You can go ahead and do it, or you may want to wait to see if there are any other deals at Rite Aid you want to get before the month is over. (I'm not sure about the gift cards, but I know that if it were a "Single Check Rebate" deal, you'd have to wait till ALL your receipts were entered for the month before you request the check, or you won't get all your rebates.)

So bottom line (after your gift cards come), you've spent about $10 for 2 Big Packs of Pampers (size 4 has 82 diapers per box) & 4 boxes of wipes!

Oh, and:

9. When they come, use the gift cards on other great diaper deals at Rite Aid!


Anonymous said...

OK girl, I need diapers so I am going to try this. Thank you for the step by step instructions b/c I don't think I could do it without that!! Love ya!! JEnnifer

Brittany said...

Thanks Girl! You are a genius!

--Brittany J

Mike and Molly Spivey said...

I am definitely going to try this. Can you print off more then one rite aid coupon with the same bar code? I know at CVS if it has the same bar code you can only use it once.

Tara said...

I've printed off multiple of these (and saved the PDF to my desktop for future prints) and used them at Rite Aid & Publix.
I think since Rite Aid doesn't have a membership card to scan (like CVS has), they don't keep track of who has or hasn't used the coupon before.