Saturday, October 10, 2009

Publix, week of 10/7-10/13

I made my Publix trip early this week. Yogurt is on sale, and from past experiences I know it tends to sell out quickly when it's marked down. Me and MER both eat a cup of yogurt every day, so I wanted to make sure I got some while they had it! But if can get the coupons to print & I happen to have time on Sunday or Monday I might pick up $10 worth of the free-ish items so I can get the penny item.

Here's what I got:

(5) Yoplait Fiber One Yogurt (4-pk) for 1.25 ea
(2) $1.25/1 Qs = free
(3) $1/1 Qs = .25 each

(2) Ronzoni Pasta for .69 ea

(2) Classico Pasta Sauce for 1.25 ea

(2) Knorr Sides for .67 ea
(I didn't know what this was before finding it in the store; it's flavored rice or pasta packets)

(2) .45/1 Qs (doubled) = free + overage

Betty Crocker potatoes for .88 ea
(1) .40/1 Q (doubled) = .08

(6) Hunt's Tomatoes (14.5 oz can) for .69 ea
(2) .50/1 Qs (doubled) = 4 for .19 ea

Bear Creek Chicken Noodle soup mix for 3.89
I was going to get some elsewhere but found it cheaper here - we're feeding soups to the college class next Sun. I add egg noodles, chicken, veggies, etc and make it really hardy. It's one of Ben's faves!

Red Baron Pizza for 2.89 ea
(1) .75/1 Q = 2.06

(2) Keebler Club Crackers 1.99

My total with tax was $12.80. The receipt says I saved $41.25.

Hopefully I can get some more yogurt (if Publix will re-stock), Hunt's tomatoes, and Betty Crocker coupons to print out from another computer (you can only print 2 per computer of some coupons) and get the penny item! We'll see.


Emily Dudley said...

That's a good idea with the chicken noodle soup. At my Publix run last night, I spent $29.00 and saved $24.00. Okay for my first serious couponing trip. The cashier kept taking my coupons, even after I had already used a manufactor's coupon. I didn't know you could stack those?! Or maybe it depends on the cashier?

Heather said...

Good job! I think I have a hard time saving more b/c I usually shop for two weeks worth of groceries and try to get everything I will need. So, I always have to buy a few things that are not on sale also. I haven't gotten stocked up enough, to be able to only buy items when they are on sale. This week I spent $140 and save $68 (that does include some ECB). However, that is better than not saving at all!!! :)

Vicki said...

Great job! I'm finding that I'm not actually saving money yet while couponing. NOT because I'm not getting good deals, I'm just buying more. So, I'm getting a lot more food, but still spending the same amount of money. I'd like to be able to decrease my spending and buy a little less. It's still a game to me. Do you find the same thing or are you able to control yourself?

Tara said...

Vicki: My grocery/household expenditures was in the red in September, but to make myself feel better I'm blaming it on the two birthday parties we hosted. I'm doing much better this month, though. I feel like I'm just now getting the hang of it (& providing real food for my family), after two years of knowing the basics. It is really fun though. It's tempting to "just go a little" over budget to get "one more" deal, but I'm resolved to not spend a penny over budget this month, even if it means missing out. Thanks for making me think about the real goal: saving real $ for my family!