Thursday, January 29, 2009


This morning I emailed Ben some dinner options:
a. poppy seed chicken casserole w/ rice, corn and butter sauce, seasoned green beans
b. chicken fajitas
c. tortellini primavera (aka "the good stuff" = 3 cheese tortellini pasta mixed with pepper stir fry veggies, sour cream, and pesto sauce) with a piece of grilled chicken and a slice of garlic bread
d. tarragon chicken salad w/ sliced apples, crackers, & a salad
e. pizza & salad

Bet ya can't guess what he chose!


Emily said... this a contest...who knows what food Ben likes best?????? Since Emily Grace's favorite dish for me to make is Mrs. Robinson's pasta -- I am going to guess, C! Do I win a prize????

Jenna said...

um. i have no idea which one he chose. but, he chose the right wife. you rock! you sent him a menu??? amazing.

Tara said...

Well, he chose d.
I was just trying to brag that I have a hubby who loves & prefers chick food. It's great! Who needs steak and potatoes?!?

Sorry, Emily. No prize for you.

And Jenna: I usually let him choose between only a couple of options, mainly because I'm indecisive, but also because I'm such a good wife. ;)

Theophilus said...

you are making me look like a pansy. i LOVE steak and potatoes. we just don't eat steak cause we're poor. but i sincerely love chicken salad.

Brittany said...

I don't know what Ben chose, but they all sound great to me. What time do y'all eat?

Theophilus said...


Vicki said...

Yeah, I'll be over with Brittany. And I'll take a, b, c or d. You are an amazing wife to not only offer options, but offer a veggie and another side with each of those.